economical节约的,节俭的,经济的: an economical stove

edge边,棱: At the edge of the lake women were doing their washing

edible可以吃的,可食用的:edible oil

elaborate精心计划(或制作)的,详尽的:an elaborate plot

elevate举起,提高,抬起:elevate the living standards of the people

eliminate排除,消除:eliminate the exploitation of man by man

elite出类拔萃的人(或物),精华:the elite of the society

eloquent雄辩的,口才流利的,有说服力的:an eloquent spokesman

embark上船(或飞机,汽车等):embark for Europe at New York harbor

embody使具体化,表现:embody principles in actions

embrace拥抱:She embraced her son tenderly

emigrate移居外国(或外地区):emigrate from Canada to Australia 

emit发出,散发(光,热,电度,声音,液体,气味等),发射电子:The chimney emitted a cloud of smoke

enclose (从四面八方)围住,包围:enclose a porch with glass

encounter意外的遇见,遭遇:encounter an old friend in the theatre

endeavor (为达到某一目的而)努力,尝试:How much he endeavored, goal stayed unattained

energy活力,精力:a man of energy

enforce实施,使生效:The principal enforced the rules of the school

engage (用契约诺言等)约束,使订婚:He engaged himself as an apprentice to a printer

enhance 提高(价格,质量,吸引力等),增加,增强:enhance one’s reputation

enlighten 启发,使摆脱偏见(或迷信)Would you enlighten me on your plans for the future?

enroll 吸收(成员),招生:The school enrolled about 300 pupils last year

ensure 保证,担保:His industriousness and ability will ensure his success

entertain 给。。。娱乐,使有兴趣:The child is entertaining himself with his building blocks

entitle 给。。。权利,给。。。资格(to):Robert was entitled to see the documents

equivalent 相等的,相同的:The misery of such a position is equivalent to its happiness

erase 擦掉,抹掉,消除:erase the chalk marks

erect 竖直的,垂直的,竖起的:an erect tree

erupt (火山,喷泉等)喷发:The volcano is due to erupt any day

essence 本质,实质,要素:Being thoughtful of others is the essence of politeness

eternal 永恒的,永存的,永久的:eternal truths

evaluate 估价,评价:evaluate property

evaporate (使)蒸发,(使)挥发:Heats evaporate water

exaggerate 夸张,夸大,对…言过其实:keep to the facts and don’t exaggerate

exceed 超出,胜过:Her performance exceeded all the others

excess 超越,超过:an excess of supply over demand

execute 实行,实施,执行,履行:execute a plan

exemplify 例示,举例证明,是…的例证(或榜样等):The teacher exemplified the use of the word

exert 用力,尽力:exert all one’s strength

exhaust 汲空,抽完:exhaust a well

expand 扩大,扩展,膨胀:Reading(travel)expands one’s mind

expel 驱逐,赶走:expel an invader from a country

expend 花费,消费(on, in):They expended all their strength in (on) trying to climb out

expire 满期,届期,(期限)终止:His term of office expires this year

explicit 详尽的,明确的:give explicit directions

exploit英勇的或冒险的行为或事迹:The daring of exploit of the parachutists were much admired

exterior 外部的,外面的,外表的:exterior decorations

external 外面的,外部的:external signs of a disease

extinct (火等)熄灭了的:an extinct cigarette(fire)

extinguish熄灭,扑灭:extinguish a cigarette(candle)

extract取出,提取:extract a confession

extravagant奢侈的,浪费的:be extravagant in one’s way of living


fabricate 建造,制造:The finest craftsmen fabricated this clock

facilitate使变得(更)容易,使便利:Such a port would facilitate the passage of oil from the Middle East to Japan

fade (颜色)褪去:The color in this material will not fade

faint不清楚的,模糊的,微弱的:a faint idea

fancy想象力:Children usually have a lively fancy

fare车费,船费,飞机票价:full (half) fare

fascinate强烈的吸引,迷住,使神魂颠倒:be fascinated with history

fashion方式,样子:She speaks in a very strange fashion

favor 恩惠,善意的行为:We would esteem it a great favor if you would reply at once

feasible 可行的:a feasible plan(idea)

feeble 虚弱的,无力的:His pulse was very feeble

feed 喂养,饲养:feed a baby at the breast

figure 数字:according to official figures

finance 财政,金融:skill in finance

finite 有限的,有限制的:a finite number of facts

flare (火焰)闪耀,(摇曳不定地)燃烧:candle flaring in the wind

flash 闪光,闪烁:a flash of lighting

flat平坦的,扁平的:a flat land

flatter奉承,使高兴:I feel greatly flattered by your invitation

flavor味,味道,风味:drama with a European flavor

flee逃走,逃掉:The enemy troops fled in utter confusion

flexible柔韧易,弯曲的:flexible cord

fling(用力)扔,掷,抛,丢:fling sb into prison

flourish 茂盛,繁荣,兴旺:Painting flourished in Italy in the fifteenth century

fluctuate波动,起伏:You can’t march in a straight line to the victory, you fluctuate it

flush 脸红:Her cheeks flushed red

forbid 不许,禁止:Wine is absolutely forbidden to all the children

forge锻炼:forge a horse-shoe out of an iron bar

formulate规划(制度等),构想出(计划方法等)formulate a policy

fracture 裂缝,裂痕: a fracture in the pipe

frequent时常发生的,频繁的:His trips to France are less frequent now

frown 皱眉:frown at sb

frustrate 挫败,阻挠,使灰心,使无效:frustrate a plan

fulfill (fulfilled, fulfilling)履行,实现,完成: fulfill a contract

furnish供应,提供:furnish blankets for the refugees

fury狂怒,暴怒:fly into a fury

fuss大惊小怪,乱忙,小题大做:make much fuss over losing a penny


gallop (马等的)飞跑,疾驰:The horse did a fine gallop during the race

gamble赌博:gamble at cards

gasp 喘气,喘息:speak between gasps

gear齿轮,传动装置,(排)档:interlock cogs and gears

generalize 归纳,概括:I don’t think you can generalize about what voters will do

generate 产生,发生(电、热、光、力、摩擦力等):generate electricity

genuine 真的,非人造的,名副其实的:genuine leather

gesture 手势,示意动作:raise one’s hands in a gesture of despair

glance 一瞥,扫视:take a glance at the newspaper headlines

glare 怒视,瞪眼:give the jury a glare

glimpse 一瞥,一看:have a glimpse of (into)sth

glitter 闪闪发亮(或发光),光彩夺目,闪耀:His language glitters with marvelous words

glory 光荣,荣誉:The soldiers hoped to win glory on the battle field 

glow 发热,发光,发红:the fire glowing in the darkness

gossip 流言蜚语:give rise to gossip

govern 统治,管理:govern a nation

grace 优美:She ran well, grace in every movement

graduate (使)大学毕业:graduate from college

grant 同意,准予:grant a request

grease 油脂,动物脂:the grease spot on the envelope

greet 问候,招呼:greet sb with a nod

grieve 使悲伤,使伤心:The little girl grieved over her kitten’s death

grind  (ground)磨,磨碎,碾碎:grind wheat into flour

grip 抓紧,紧握:Fear gripped his heart 

gross 总的,毛的:gross income

guarantee 保证,保证书,保单:Wealth is no guarantee of happiness


hail 欢呼,喝彩:The crowd hailed the actress with joy

halt (行进中的)暂停前进,中止,终止:The car came to a sudden halt

hamper 妨碍,阻碍:hamper sb from getting elected

handicap 障碍,不利条件:Poor eyesight is a handicap to a student

haste 急速,急忙,仓促,草率: Why all this haste?

hatch 孵,孵出:hatch (out) chickens

hazard 危险,危害物,危险之源:a life full of hazards

heal 治愈,愈合:heal the sick

heap (一)堆:a big heap of books

hedge (矮树)树篱:a quickset hedge

highlight 使显著,使突出:Growing economic problems were highlighted by a slowdown in oil output

hinder妨碍,阻止:Bad weather hindered travel

hint 暗示:drop(give ,throw out)a hint

hoist 举起,升起,吊起:The war hoisted prices

hold 拿着,抓住:The girl is holding the baby in her arms

homogeneous 同种类的,同性质的,有相同特征的:homogeneous parts

horizon 地平(线):The sun has sunk below the horizon

hospital 好客的,殷勤的,热情友好的:be hospital to the homeless

hostile 敌人的,敌方的:a hostile army

humble 地位(或身份)低下的,卑贱的:a humble job

hysterical 情绪异常激动的,歇斯底里的  an hysterical outburst of fury


identical 同一的:the same (very)identical menu

identify 识别,鉴别:He identified the coat as his brother’s 

idle 闲散的,闲置的:idle money

ignite点燃,使燃烧:ignite a stove fire with scraps of paper

ignore 不顾,不理,忽视:He who ignores history is doomed to repeat it

illuminate 照明,照亮,解释,启发,启迪:The room was poorly illuminated by one candle

illustrate (用图或例子)说明,阐明:A complicated rule can be illustrated by a simple example

immerse 使浸没:He immersed himself in the pool

immune免除的,豁免的:Nobody is immune from criticism

impact 冲击,撞击:the impact of light on the eye 

impair 削弱,减少:The output of produce was impaired by the bad weather

impartial 公正的,无偏见的:A judge should be impartial

implement 工具,器具,用具:new types of farm implements

impose 征(税),加(负担,惩罚等)于(on, upon):impose additional tax on business expansion

impulse 推动,驱动:give an impulse to the development of the friendly relations between the two countries

inaccessible 达不到的:The two rocks at the top of the steep hill is at first sight inaccessible

incline倾斜:The shaft inclines almost thirty degree

incorporate 包含,吸收:His book incorporates his earlier essays

incur 招致,引起,遭受:incur sb’s displeasure(envy)

indignant 愤怒的,愤慨的:The actress was at the columnist’s personal questions

indispensable 必不可少的,必需的(to. for): Oxygen is indispensable to life

induce 引诱,劝使:Nothing will induce me to do that

infer (根据已知事实等)推断,推定(from):From his grades I inferred that he was a good student

ingenious (人,头脑等)灵巧的,足智多谋的:an ingenious designer 

initiate 开始,发起:initiate a conversation

innovate 革新,改革,创新(in,on/upon):innovate on another’s creation

inquire 询问,打听:He inquired what the weather was likely to be

insert 插入,嵌入:In the pause he managed to inquire a question

inspire 鼓舞,激起:His speech inspires the crowd

instant 紧急的,急迫的,立即的,即刻的:be in instant need of help

institute 学会,协会,学院,研究院:an institute for the blind

insulate 隔音,使隔绝(以免受到影响):We are not insulated from the real world the way we were

insult 侮辱,辱骂:She insulted him by calling him a coward

insure 保险,给。。。保险:Every father should insure his life for the sake of his wife and children

intact 完整无缺的,未经触动的,未受损伤的:an intact family

integrate使成一体,使合并(with, into):integrate traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine

interfere 妨碍,冲突(with):Misty weather interfered with the contact

intermittent 间歇的,断断续续的,周期性的:suffer from intermittent headaches

intervene 插入,介入:A week intervenes between Christmas and New Year’s Day

intricate 错综复杂的,复杂精细的:A detective story usually has an intricate plot

invert 使反向,使倒转,使颠倒:The magician inverted the bag to show it was empty

irrespective 不考虑的,不顾的(of) :irrespective of consequences

irritate 激怒,使恼怒,使烦躁:be irritated by sb’s insolence


justify 证明。。。正当或有理,正确:Such behavior is justified on these grounds


knit 编织,编结:She’s knitting her husband a sweater


label 标签,标记,标号:put labels on your luggage

lag 走得慢,落后,滞留:Some of the runners began to lag

latent 潜在的,隐伏的,不易觉察的:a latent infection

leak 漏洞,裂缝:The pipe has got a leak

lean 斜,倾斜 the Leaning tower of Pisa

lend 借给,贷款 Could you lend me your car

length 长,长度 What is the length of the street?

liable 会……的,有……倾向的 We are all liable to make mistakes

liberal 慷慨的,大方的 a liberal donation

light 光,光亮,光线 The house blazed with light

limp 软的,松沓的 a young man in a limp gray sweater

linger逗留,徘徊 The children lingered at the zoo until closing time

long 长的,远的,久的 a long journey

lubricate 使润滑 lubricate the skin with cold cream

lump块,小方块 a lump of coal



magnet 磁铁,磁铁石 The pin was extracted with a magnet

magnify 放大,扩大 I want to magnify this picture

maintain 维持,保持 maintain law and order

malfunction 发生功能障碍,发生障碍 If the computer malfunctions it fails to work properly

maltreat 粗暴地对待,虐待 We’ll not intervene unless the children are being physically maltreated

manifest 显然的,明了的manifest superiority

manipulate (熟练地)操作 Mr. Smith manipulated the ivory chopsticks with great dexterity

mature 熟的,成熟的 a mature fruit

meet 遇见,碰到 He met her there by chance

melt 使融化,使熔化 The sun melted the snow

mend 修理,修补 mend clothes

merit 长处,优点,价值,功绩 merits and demerits

migrate 移居(尤指移居国外),迁移 migrate to another country

minimum 最低限度,最少量,最低点

minor 较小的,较少的,较不重要的

mislead 把……引错方向,把……引入歧途

moan 呻吟声,呜咽声 Each time she moved her leg she let out a ~ .

mobilize 动员 Our country’s in great danger, we must ~ the army.

mock 嘲笑,嘲弄 He had ~ed her modest ambitions.

model 模型,原形 build airplane ~s

modify 修改,更改 ~a law

momentary 片刻的,瞬息的 a ~ feeling of fear

monitor (学校的)班长 a ~ in class 5.

mortgage 抵押(借款)He will have to ~ his land for a loan.

motion 动,运动the ~ of the planets

motive 动机,目的be proper in~

mount登上, 爬上~ the steps

multiply 乘,相乘~ 7 and 8

muscle 肌肉 facial ~s

mutual 相互的, 彼此的 ~ aid