sack  麻袋,纸袋,塑料袋 a ~of cement

sacred 神圣的the ~ name of God

sacrifice 献祭,供奉 a law banning the ~ of animals

salute 敬礼,祝贺 ~ one’s superior officer

scan 细看,审视 ~ the doctor’s face for a sign of hope

scare  惊吓,恐惧 The thunder ~d the children

scatter 撒,撒播~ corn for the chickens

schedule 时间表,进度表 a fight ~

scheme 计划,方案 He suggested several ~s to increase sales

scold  责骂,训斥 Dad ~ed me for coming home late

score  得分,比分,分数,成绩 At the end of first half there’s no ~

scorn 轻蔑,鄙视 He ~s lying

scrap 碎片,零屑 ~s of bread

scrape 刮,擦 ~one’s chin

scratch 抓,刮,擦 The cat ~ed me with its claws

screen 屏,幕,帘 a folding ~

secure  安全的,可靠的,有把握的 a castle ~from attack

seek 寻找,探索 ~ shelter from the rain

seize 抓住,捉住The policeman ~d him by the collar

sense 感官,官能 Sight ,hearing ,touch, taste, and smell are the five ~s

sensible 明知的,合情理的 a ~ choice

serve 服务,履行职责 He ~d as an adviser to the company

set 放置 He set his hand on my shoulder

shade 荫,荫凉处The group of trees provide some ~ from the sun

sham假装,虚伪 Her illness was a ~ to gain sympathy

shame 羞耻,羞愧 flush with ~

shape 形状,外形  the ~ of sb’s face

share 一分,分额,一部分 They divided the money into equal ~s

shear 剪,修剪 ~ a lawn

shed 流 ~ one’s blood for one’s country

sheer 完全的,十足的  ~ nonsense

shelter 掩蔽处,躲避处  a bus ~

shield  盾,保护物,防御物 They piled more sand on top as a ~

shift  转移,移动 Don’t try to ~the blame onto me

shower  阵雨,阵雨般的东西 be caught in a hard ~

shrewd  机灵的,敏锐的,精明的 a ~ guess

signify  表示,表明,预示 ~ consent with a nod

simulate 假装,冒充 use tricks to ~ illness

sit 坐,就坐 He was sitting over his coffee with a cigar

sketch  素描,速写 make a ~ of a face in pencil

slack  不紧的,不严的 a ~ soft rope

slender 苗条的,修长的,细长的She is ~ and has long dark hair

slide 滑行,滑动,滑落 The drawers of my desk ~ in and out easily

slim苗条的,薄的  Regular exercise will make you slimmer

slip  滑倒,滑落,滑行 She ~ed on the wet stones and fell

slit 切开,撕开  ~ the envelope open

slope  倾斜,有坡度 The ground ~s down sharply at this point

sly  狡猾的,偷偷的 a ~answer

smart 聪明的,精明的  Smart students talk earlier than the average

smash 打碎,打破,摧毁 The ball ~ed the window

smooth  平滑的,光滑的~ skin

snatch 夺得,一把抓住 The thief ~ed her handbag and ran off

snob 势力的人,谄上欺下的人  a ~ of the first water

soak 湿透,浸湿,浸泡 You shouldn’t have gone out in the rain-your clothes are ~ing

sober 未醉的 A driver must stay ~

soil 泥土,土壤The ~here is very fertile

sophisticated 老于世故的 a young man quite ~ for his age

sore 痛的,痛苦的,痛心的touch sb on a ~ place

sort 种类,类别 He is not the ~ of man to do such a cruel thing

sound 健康的,健全的,完好的 a ~body in a ~ mind

sour 酸的,酸味的 ~pickles

sow 播种 This plot of land was sown with maize

spare 多余的,剩下的have no ~ cash

spark 火花,火星 The firework burst into a shower of ~s

sparkle 发光,闪耀 Her eyes were sparkling with anger

specify 具体指定,详细说明 They have specified the amount as 700,000 dollars

spectacle 景象,奇观,壮观,场面 The burning house was a terrible ~

speculate 推测,推断 I cannot ~ on their motives for doing this

spill 溢出,溅出 The ship ~ed oil while in port

spin 纺制  ~ cotton into yarn

spit 吐出 He was ~ting out the husks of sunflower seeds on the floor

splash 溅泼A passing car ~ed my dress

split 劈开,切开,裂开 ~ the firewood with an axe

spoil 损坏,毁掉 It would ~ my reputation

sponsor  发起者,主办者,保证人,赞助者the ~ of the annual Christmas parade

spot斑点,污点  a blue tie with ~s

spray  浪花,水花 The new shower heads reduce ~ and waste less water

sprout 抽条,发芽,长出 The seeds we planted finally ~ed

spur 靴刺,踢马刺a pair of ~s

squeeze 榨,挤 ~ juice from oranges

stab 刺,戳,猛的一击,突发的一阵 a ~ of anxiety

stack整齐的一叠 a ~ of bills

staff 全体职员,全体雇员  The company has got a ~ of about 40

stain 玷污,污染 His shirt was ~ed with blood

stale 食品等不新鲜的,走味的 These old peanuts taste ~

stall 牛舍

stamp 邮票 put a ~ on a letter

start 开始,动手 I’ve got so many things to do,I don’t know where to ~

startle 惊吓,使吃惊 The horse ~s easily

starve 使挨饿,饿死 Many live in luxury while others are starving

station 车站 at Victoria Station

stationary 固定的,静止的,非流动的 ~ troops

statistics  统计,统计资料 The recent ~ on marriage are interesting

steer 掌舵,驾驶 ~ a car through the entrance

stern 严厉的,苛刻的 a ~ punishment

stick 棍,棒,手杖 Grandfather walks with a ~

stimulate 刺激,促使 ~ economic growth

sting刺,螫,叮  A bee stung him on the neck

stir 使微动,移动 A breeze ~red my hair

stitch 一针,针脚 Make your ~es closer together

stock  原料,备料,库存,现货 Rags are used as a ~ for making paper

stoop 俯身,弯腰She ~ed to pick up her fan

storm 风暴,暴风雨,暴风雪 A ~ arose

straightforward 一直向前的,直接的 a ~ business transaction

strain 拉紧,绷紧 If you ~ the elastic any more, it will break

strap 带,皮带 silks ~s

stream 小河,溪流 on the banks of a ~

strength 力量,力气,活力,效力 the economic ~ of a nation

stress压力,紧张 Not all of us can cope with the ~es of modern life

stretch 伸直,伸长 He yawned and ~ed himself

stride阔步前进,大踏步走He strode to the platform

strike 打击,撞  A stone struck me on the head

string 细绳,线,带 She took the parcel and started to undo the string

strip 剥去,除去 The wind stripped the tree of all its leaves

strive 努力,奋力,力求~ towards a goal

stroke 敲,打,鸣 drive in a nail with one ~ of the hammer

stubborn 顽固的,倔强的 The ~ boy refused to listen to his parents’advice

stuff 原料,材料,物品,东西 He has got all the ~ ready for building his new house

subject 题目,主题 the ~ for a debate

submerge 浸没,淹没,湮没 The stream overflowed and ~d the farmland

submit 屈服,服从,投降 ~ to foreign pressure

subordinate 下级的 In the army ,captains are ~ to majors

substance 物质,实质 the ~ of pre-school education

substitute 代替者,代替物 He is the doctor’s ~ during holidays times

subtle 微妙的,巧妙的 His whole attitude has undergone a ~ change

subtract 减,减去 Subtract 4 from 10 you get 6

succession 连续,一系列 a ~ of debates

suck 吸,A large mosquito was sucking blood from the back of her hand

sue 控告,起诉 ~ sb for slander

summary 总结,概要 This book has a ~ at the end of each chapter

superb 极好的,一流的,杰出的 ~ science and engineering

superficial 表面的 a ~resemblance

superfluous过多的,剩余的,多余的a ~remark

supervise 监督,管理,指导 ~ sb’s every move

supplement增补,补充 a ~ to wages

suppress压制,镇压 ~human rights

supreme最高的,至上的 a ~ ruler

surpass超过,优于,强于,胜过 ~ advanced world

surplus过剩,剩余 a teacher ~

survey调查~ population growth in the southern provinces

survive 幸存,幸免于Only two people ~d the fire

suspect 怀疑 He ~ed a plot against his life

sustain支撑,承受The fountains were not strong enough to ~ the weight of the house

swallow 吞,咽 ~ one’s food

swarm 蜂群  

sway摇摆 a tree ~ing gently in the breeze

swear宣誓,发誓 ~ on  a Bible to observe secrecy

swell 膨胀,鼓起 A tire ~s as it is filled with air

swing 摇摆,摇荡 ~ a baby in the cradle

sympathy 同情心,慰问 a man of wide sympathies

synchronize使同步,使结合,使协调 Their steps ~d


taboo 禁忌,忌讳Movies producers attempted to break down all the ~s

tackle 用具,装备 shaving ~

tailor 裁缝 go to the ~’s

talk 讲话,谈话 Is your baby talking yet?

tame 驯化的,驯服的,温顺的 ~animails

tan棕黄色,黄褐色 buy some shoes in tan

tax 税(款)Half of his wages go in tax

tear 撕开,撕裂tear open an envelope

tease 戏弄,取笑 The boy is teasing the cat

tedious 单调乏味的,冗长的,罗嗦的a ~ debate

temper 心情,脾气 be in a good~

tempt 引诱,诱惑 Nothing could ~ me to do such a thing

tend 趋向,倾向 Interest rates are ~ing upwards

tender 嫩的 a ~ piece of meat

tentative 试验性的,试探性的,暂时的,推测的 a ~plan

term 学期 the spring ~

terminate 停止,结束,使终止 ~ a contract

terrify 使害怕,使惊吓 She was terrified out of her wits

testify 作证,证明 He agreed to ~ on behalf of the accused man

thermal 热的,由热造成的 ~burns

thirst  渴,口渴 The heat creates a ~ in me like I’ve never had before

thread 线,线状物 cotton ~

thrill 使非常兴奋,使非常激动 It’s a sight that never fails to ~ me

thrive 兴旺发达,繁荣 His business is thriving

thrust 推,刺,戳,插,挤He was ~ into power

tick (钟声等发出的)滴答声

tidy 整洁的,整齐的a ~ room

tilt 使倾斜,使倾倒 Tilt your head back so that I can look down your throat

time 时间,时刻,时候 ~ and space

tip 末端,尖端 the tips of the fingers

toast 烤面包,吐司 two slices of ~

token 表示,标志,象征He did that as a ~ of good faith

torture 拷打,拷问 ~ a confession from a prisoner

toss 扔,抛,掷 The children tossed the ball to each other

tough 坚韧的,牢固的 Some plastic are as ~ as metal

tow 拖,拉,牵引 tow a damaged ship into port

tower 塔,塔楼,高楼 a television ~

trace 痕迹,踪迹 The wound healed, leaving almost no ~ of a scar

track足迹,踪迹~s in the snow

tragedy 悲剧 Hamlet is one of shakespeare’s best known tragedies

trail 痕迹,足迹 a ~ of destruction left by the violence

tramp 步行,跋涉 He loves ~ing over the hills

transfer 转移,调动 the company has transferred to an eastern location

transform 变形,改观 ~ a hotel into a hospital

transient 短暂的,转瞬即逝的 ~ happiness

transmit 播送,发射 ~ a match live

transparent 透明的 Glass is ~

transplant 移植,移种,移居 ~ a human heart into a patient

treasure 财宝,财富 dig for buried ~

trend 倾向,趋势an upward ~ of prices

trick 诡计,骗局 He got the money by a ~

trifle 琐事,小事 One should not get angry about such a ~

trim 整齐的,整洁的 ~ lawns

trip 旅行,旅游 a ~ round the world

triple 三倍的,三重的,三部分的,三方的Black unemployment rate runs ~ the figure for whites

triumph 胜利 a ~ over the enemy

trivial 琐碎的,不重要的,无价值的 ~ matters

tuck 夹入,藏入 He ~ed the letter in a book so he wouldn’t lose it

tug (用力)拖或拉He tugged the door but it wouldn’t open

tumble 跌到,滚下The baby is just learning to walk and he’s always tumbling over

tune 曲调,曲子 She wrote the words of the song and her brother wrote the ~

turbulent 骚乱的,动荡的,混乱的,狂暴的a ~ crowd

turn 转动,旋转Turn the hands of the clock until they point to 9 O’clock

tutor 家庭教师,指导教师 When the students are making their choices, their ~ may well guide them

twinkle 闪烁,闪耀,闪亮 The diamond on her finger ~d in the firelight

twist 捻,搓,绞,拧 ~ a rope out of threads


ultimate 最后的,最终的 The war ended for us in ~ victory

unanimous 全体一致的,一致同意的 They are ~ in asking for a rise in pay

uncover 揭开,揭露 ~ a dish of food

underestimate 低估 ~ the difficulties of the task

undergo 经历,遭受,忍受 ~ much suffering

underline 在……下划线,强调 Please translate the ~d sentences in the passage

underlie 位于……之下 Many facts ~ my decision

undermine 在……下挖 ~ a wall

undertake 着手做, 从事 ~ an attack

undesirable 不合意的,不受欢迎的 The drug has ~ side effects

uneasy 心神不宁的,不安宁的 be ~uneasy about the future

unfold 展开,打开  ~ a newspaper

uniform 不变的,相同的,均匀,统一的 a ~ temperature

unify 使成一体,统一 become a unified nation

update 更新,使现代化 ~a textbook

upgrade 提高,使升级,改善 ~ products and services

uphold 举起,高举 He upheld his clenched hand

upright 挺直的,垂直的 an ~ seat

uproar 骚乱,骚动The public ~ over unclear-radiation hazards continues to mount

upset 弄翻,打翻 I’ve ~ a tin of paint on the carpet

up-to-date 时新的,新式的,现代化的They are ~ on recent developments in the world computer industry

urge 推进,鼓励 The president ,~d on by his staff, has decided to attend the talks

urgent 紧迫的,紧要的 He left the country on ~ business

utilize 利用 ~ solar energy

utter 发出(声音等),说,吐露 ~ the truth


vacant 未被占用的 a ~ seat in a bus

vague  含糊的,不明确的,模糊的 a ~ answer

vain 徒劳的,无效的 ~ efforts

valid 有根据的 a ~ excuse

value 价值 I was offered 50 pounds for my old car but its ~ is much higher

vanish 突然消失,逐渐消散 With a wave of his hand, the magician made the rabbit

veil 面纱,面罩 Jewish women wore ~s in token of reverence and submission

ventilate 使通风,使空气流通 ~ a room

venture 冒险,冒险行动,投机行动take a ~ in oil

verge 边,边缘,边沿 the ~ of a stream

verify 证明,证实Subsequent events verified my suspicions

versatile 多才多艺的 a ~ man

versus 诉讼,竞赛等中以……为对手 The match tonight is China ~ Japan

vertical 垂直的,立式的 a ~ engine

veto 否决,否决权,否决权的行使 The rest of the committee could not  accept the ~

vibrate 使震动,使摆动 His heavy footsteps upstairs made the old house ~

vicious 邪恶的,恶毒的,凶残的 lead a ~ life

vigor 体力,精力,活力 in the ~ of manhood

violate 违反,违背 ~ the traffic regulations

virtual 实际上的,事实上的 the ~ manager of the business

virtue 美德,德行 Among her many ~s are loyalty ,courage, and  truthfulness

visible 看得见的,可见的 a ship barely ~ on the horizon

vision 视力,视觉 ~ care

vital 有生命力的 The heart is a ~ organ

vivid 鲜艳的 the ~ green of leaves in spring

void 空的 a ~ space

volunteer 志愿者,自愿参加者 Are there any ~s for a swim?

vote 投票,表决 bring sth to a vote


wage 工资,报酬 What is your weekly ~?

wake 醒来,醒着,唤醒 He spends all his waking hours working

waken 醒来,睡醒He wakened when the alarm sounded

wander 漫步,徘徊 He ~ed home

ward 病房 a 4-bed ~

warrant 授权,批准,正当理由,根据 He had no ~ for his action

waterproof 不透水的,防水的 ~ material

way 方法,方式 Do it your own way

wear 穿,戴 ~ diamonds

weary 疲倦的,疲劳的 a ~ look

weave 织,编,编制 ~ cloth

wedge 楔子,三角木 Please put a ~ in the door so that it will stay open

weed 杂草,野草My garden is running to ~s

weep 哭泣,流泪 ~ for one’s failure

weigh 称……重量,称~ oneself on the scales

weld 焊接,煅接 It takes speed to ~ steel at this heat

whirl 旋转,急转 The couples ~ed round the dance floor

whisper 低语,耳语,轻声说 ~ to sb

whistle 吹口哨,鸣笛 The train ~d

whitewash 粉饰

wholesome 有益于健康的 ~ surroundings

wicked 坏的,邪恶的,淘气的,恶作剧的 ~ habits

wind 绕,缠The snake wound around a branch

wire 金属丝,金属线steel ~

withdraw  抽回,收回,提取 She withdrew her eyes from the terrible sight

withhold 使停止,阻挡 be obliged to ~ one’s pen

withstand 经受,承受 ~hardships

witness 目击者,见证人a ~ of the accident

wonder 奇迹 the Seven Wonders of the World in ancient times

worship 崇拜,崇敬 the ~ of the dollar

worth  值……钱a  house ~ 50,000 pounds

wrap 包,裹  ~ oneself in a blanket

wreck 失事,遇难 a train ~

wrench 扳手 He is a ~ .

wrinkle 皱,皱纹 He will wore the ~s of anxiety on his forehead.

write 写,写字,写信,写作 She ~s to me every other week.

Xerox 静电复印(法),静电复印件,静电复印机 Make me a ~ of this report.


yield 生产,产生,带来 This orchard ~s apples and pears.


zeal 热心,热忱,热情 a man of ~

zone 地带,分布带 a danger ~