1. Where have you worked in the past? 

    2. What kind of work were you doing at your previous employer's?

  3.Would you please make a brief introduction about yourself?

  4.Why did you take the MBA examination? Would you please say something about the currently MBA program in China?

  5.Why do you choose PK University to study MBA? Tell me a little about PK University form your understanding.

  6.How do the people around you review MBA?

  7.Why do you want to be a part of MBA students?

  8.Why do you think you are qualified for MBA program?

  9.Do you have a career plan in 5 years?

  10.Do you have a study plan if you were accepted as a MBA student?

  11.What is your opinion about the requirement that a MBA student must have working experience?

  12.How do you define marketing or management?

  13.Do you think English is quite important in MBA study? Why?

  14.Do you think MBA training courses will help you a lot in your future life? Why?

  15.What do you want to do after your MBA study?

  16.What is the most important qualification that a MBA student should have?

  17.Say a little about teamwork.

  18.Say a little about management.

  19.How communication works in organizations?

  20.Tell me the relationship between the management management theory.

  21.What will you do if you can not find a job?

  22.Do you think that the economy will get better?

  23.Who are you currently employed with?

  24.What kinds of opportunities are you looking for?

  25.What is your biggest accomplishment on the job?

  26.What joy did you enjoy the most why?

  27.What would your former boss say about you?

  28.Why did you leave your last job?

  29.Please tell me a little about your working history? What kind of fields?

  30.Say a little about your educational background.

  31.What are your strengths weakness?

  32.What do you do in your spare time?

  33.What is your impression of Beijing?

  34.What is CFO? If you were a CFO, what would you do?

  35.What is the difference between sales marketing?

  36.PLS give your opinion on GUANXI's impact to the enterprises in China.

  37.If you want to develop a new brof ice cream in China, what strategy would you pursue?

  38.leader should keep distance or get close to his or her employee

  39.Many people believe that the knowledge-based economy has begun. Please discuss the impact you think it may have on your firm.

  40.What do you think will be the short-term long-term impacts on China when we join the WTO? Please be specific in your answers.

  41.Take me through your resume, starting with your first full-time job.

  42.Describe the job you had before your present one.

  43.How did you like your last job?

  44.Where do you see yourself in ten years?

  45.Will you be seeking higher education?